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    Sameer (mercredi, 16 septembre 2015 21:55)

    She said yes! My initial plan was simple : bring my future wife to Paris, and propose to her on a very romantic spot. I've been in touch with Irene, one of the paparazzi photographers of the company. She suggested me to do it on a bridge over the Seine (pont Alexandre III). I followed her advice. We arrived by taxi with a private driver she recommended and I got the whole plan secretly photo-documented. My love was completely caught off guard and didn't know anything about a photographer being there until I point Irene out near the end :) Many thanks for all your help and support. I don't know what I would have done without you. The pictures are really beautiful. It was an unforgettable evening, a moment of pure magic that will remain etched forever in our memories.

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    Pascal van der Knaap (lundi, 12 octobre 2015 19:44)

    Irene did a great job to make pictures as a real paparazzi photgrapher in the heart of Paris!! It was a great expierence and the next time when I am in Paris, I want the paparazzi again. Great job and ty Irene!!!

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    Rashid Patterson (mercredi, 16 décembre 2015 02:48)

    Irene is very responsive and helpful. I gave her my idea and Irene helped me get everything coordinated. My future wife said yes! The photos are amazing.

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    Vasi (mercredi, 10 février 2016 19:35)

    Snaplove is a unique and great service to capture the moment. Nicole and I are a young couple from South Africa. I obviously wanted to take Nicole her most romantic place in the world- Paris. Our beautiful moment could not be shared with family and friends. I had to ask, how can we out into words our experience of our magical evening. After doing research and hearing everyone's ideas I stumbled on Snaplove. It was the greatest way to show friends and family back home- AS PICTURES TELL A 1000 WORDS. Also, paparazzi has the connotations of not being traced. Its was appealing as my Fiance would not have a clue we were having pictures taken at my proposal and the moment would be captured naturally. Thanks you.

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    Shing Poon (mardi, 21 juin 2016 16:09)

    I successfully gave a wonderful proposal to Mikki and gave her a great surprise and unforgettable moment. We come from Hong Kong and was in trip to Paris at first time. Unfortunately met serious flooding during my planned day. But luckily Irene kept update me on the local information, and provided different plans for my option. Finally, god bless us and successfully let me give proposal at my first selected place which Irene suggested. It is a very beautiful and romantic place. Our photos got hundreds Like in social network :D People around us was surprised that there is such a wonderful and unique paparazzi service in the world!
    Irene is very nice and sweet. Her skills and service are very professional too. We are happy to join SnapLove and give us the unique experience.
    Thank you very much to Irene, and keep in touch :)

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    Francois (jeudi, 25 mai 2017 22:21)

    Nous avons vécu une expérience inoubliable et celle-ci a été immortalisée par une photographe de grand talent. Le résultat est spectaculaire et les photos prisent à notre insu font en sorte de nous faire revivre l’évènement à chaque fois que nous regardons les photos. Irène m’a été d’un grand support tout au long du processus et ses judicieux conseils m’ont grandement aidé à faire en sorte que la demande soit juste parfaite! Merci encore.